Christmas Blessings

Counsel of Light, through Tracey Smith Christmas Day, December 25th, 2006


"Be at Peace within your Hearts dear ones and share this Joy and Love with others. You have the power within you to shine the light that radiates within you. We ask, "How bright is it that you desire to shine, for each one of you IS a radiant light." Feel that ray of light that shines so brightly within and feel safe to extend it to your fullest abilities.

Remember to play in harmony with one another and to treat each other well. You are all learning new gifts, feel safe in your gifts and trust the paths you are on. Your journey is unique to what you have chosen to learn, so trust in who you are and follow the path of light that you are on. See the joy in one another and feel free in being who you are, for this IS who you came to be.

Be at Peace, for this is the challenge many of you came to release. Feel safe in your actions and be in your own power. Do remember dear ones, that by being in your own power, it does not create an ability to use this power of authority over another. This power holds you in your truth to be who you are, to radiate your pure light and to feel safe as you being YOU! So hold this power with the energy of your light and shine it brightly for the world to see. You all have the power to make a difference in the lives you touch, so use this day and touch someone with the love of your light.

Honour who you are, honour the children, for they know their truth and honour the hearts and souls of another.

Be at Peace dear ones, and feel this energy from within your heart. Hold the magic of who you are and be merry, celebrate the JOYs of life through these times of great changes.

Know you are never alone, that we are here upon your calling. Feel free to call upon our loving presence knowing we are here to assist. We are the Counsel of Light and ask that you hold the love of light within you and share this energy with those you touch.

May Peace always be within you!"