Love is Who You Are

through Tracey Smith, Sunday, July 1st, 2007


Love Is Who You Are and Allow the Loving Presence of Another to Enter Your Heart, Knowing that the World Evolves and Centers Itself Around the Energy of Love.

Canada Day

"Dear beloved beings of light, it is with great pleasure and joy to be with you this day and share upon the messages of light.

We ask you to be in the power of your joy and radiate your light in all you do. Be within the strength of your own power and know what is good for you. We tell you that we see the chaos in the world, but we also tell you that we see the radiant beams of light that shine from within you and we ask that you acknowledge the power and beauty of your own divine radiant light.

A river of life flows for each one of you and we ask that you connect with the energy of your own flow. What creates you to flow with the power of your own source and what creates the block of flow within your life? Recognize the power of your own flow, the power to create your energy to move strongly and freely.

Listen to your own heart sing and call to the tune that sings to you. You all have the power from your own inner source and we encourage you to believe in what you are called to do. Pay attention to where you are being called and follow the truth of your own presence. You know within your own centre, within your own truth what feels right to you.

You are all being called to listen to your own heart. See and recognize the light of your own truth, the light of your own being and watch what comes forth and appears before you.

Friendships are growing while communication of many doors are opening and closing. Pay attention to where your heart sits and what you feel inside. Your heart will never lie when you connect from within it's centre. Listen to how you feel, what you see and do. Be courageous along the steps of your journey and listen to the truth from the power of your heart.

Many changes are occurring on your planet and when the people of your land truly connect with the power of their hearts, there will be a rise in vibration with all of humanity. Those who feel their power holds truth through their personal words of empowerment will soon learn to recognize this is not the flow of energy that is within the heart of Spirit.

You all have a purpose of joy to be here and share in your glory with one another. When this is acknowledged the people of your lands will begin to see where their hearts shall shift within their own growth of evolution.

You each have a calling and it is with our love and presence that we encourage you to listen to your own heart, your own truth and your own presence and well-being. We see your growth and what many still feel safe to hold onto. We tell you with encouragement that it is time to let go of what no longer serves you and wake up to the beauty and truth of what calls from the presence of your inner heart.

No one knows this truth but yourself. Love who you are and allow the loving presence of another to enter your heart, knowing that the world evolves and centers itself around the energy of love.

You will recognize the power of love when you open your heart to your own truth and feel safe to share it with another in the power of harmony, not the power of control.

Pay attention to your thoughts, to your feelings and see within your heart where you are centered. You hold the power to create balance in your life when you go into the space of your heart and see where and what you are connected to.

Be open with your feelings, your expressions and see how you feel as you share your truth. When you hold onto feelings and emotions, they build up within you and you lose sight of your own power, your own truth and your own light.

Your light is what creates flow in your life and when you're holding back within your own expressions and truth, you hold back the radiance of your own light. Others do not make your light shine, only you hold the energy of your own light.

So you see dear ones why it is so important for you to be in the power of your own truth and let the freedom of your divine light shine out to the world!

Others may not always connect or agree with your expressions or honour the power of your presence when you shine brightly ~ just know in your heart that when you honour who you are and shine the light of your own truth, you hold the power to be who you are and that is what we dearly ask of you ~ to be and know who you are!

You all have great power and the times are here for you to stand tall and strong and be true to who you are. Play kind together, support one another with love from your hearts. Show the way with guidance and honour one another with their own truths.

Know that you may not all agree or be on the same page, but accept another's truth knowing it is truthful for them and their circumstances. We are not all here to learn the same lessons in life and in order to accept another's journey one must recognize this truth without judgement. As you evolve and open your heart in the vibration of love, you will see this with truth, honour and acceptance from the place of your own heart.

Pay close attention to what you see and feel, and how you perceive things to be. Recognize and be aware of the energy within your heart. How it feels to your own situations in life and to the opinions and situations you may have towards others.

You are all on a path to heal and to grow and understand. Each of your paths holds an energy to your own journey, your own learning, your own experiences and your own calling. Know in the passions of your own heart that it is not your responsibility or your direction to call upon another's life experience, you are each here to enjoy the power of your own journey and this is what YOU have been called to do.

So live with ease,
live with JOY,
laugh within the light
and share within
the light and JOY
of one another's heart....

Knowing that when you open the presence of your own
truth and live the life you came here to live. You will live in
the energy of Peace,
the energy of Love,
the energy of Joy,
the energy of Abundance
and all things good,
all that you deserve.

Be at Peace, live within the Freedom of your own heart and be at truth with WHO YOU ARE.

We are here to support you with our radiant love and light. Call upon our presence and we shall be there, Archangel Metatron."