Stand in Your Power

through Tracey Smith, Monday, January 15th, 2007

Stand In Your Own Power and Allow Yourselves To Walk Through The Doors Of Your Own Evolution


"Be prepared dear ones to set yourself free. It is time to release and let go of old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you or humanity. Ask yourself ~ "What were you taught that shields you from this energy?"

These are the times where those of you who are willing to let go of the drama, the lack of desire and the power to set yourself free...will fly into the energy of new beginnings. These are the times to set yourself free and see the potential you hold within your future.

The energy is magnetized for those who understand their stance in life and are willing to allow themselves to move forward and expand their vibration to a higher level.

Walk in your own light, feel the energy of Who You Are and strive to move forward knowing this is your opportunity. Oh yes dear ones, other opportunities will always arise and come forth, yet we ask ~ "Why would you desire to wait, when you have the ability to attract the energy now?"

It is only through your own lack of belief, lack of faith in Who You Are that keeps you pulled back in the old energy. The times are here for those who hold the power and belief in Who They Are to move forward with grace and courage. Release the energy that binds you to the past, the energy that backs you from surging forward. It is You dear ones who have chosen to make a stand on Earth to set yourselves free. It is not another who will free You from the past, it is You and only You! You have the ability to choose your thoughts and it is through your thoughts that you are guided to follow your own truth.

We believe in you, so why is it that you may have a difficult time believing in yourself? What is it that you are waiting for? You are being called forward and many of you are hearing this through your own messages and signs ~ yet you continue to ignore the messages of your own power and divine guidance.

We see the light in each one of you and we recommend that you check in and see the light that vibrates within you. Your power is bright, yet are you willing to turn on the switch and walk into your own divine energy?

We hear your messages calling for help and assistance. We ask ~ "Are you willing to slow down and hear the messages that come back at you, are you willing to open up and listen?" The guidance is here for you when you slow down and listen to the power of your own thoughts. Not the thoughts of another who may feel they have all the answers for you to live your own life. But the thoughts that remain deep within your soul, the thoughts that can guide you out of chaos and turmoil.

It is time dear ones for you to stand in your own power and allow yourselves to walk through the doors of your own evolution! We are here and will assist you on your journey, you just must remember to ask and to call us forth. Get out of your heads, allow the energy of your ego to stop the negative chitter chatter that envelopes you. See the energy you create within your own worlds by the words you choose to use within your own closed mind.

Set yourself free and allow the energy of your own light to empower your thoughts and creativity. Watch the transformation build within your lives and the world you create around you. Depart from the drama, the games you play and see a New World grow around you, like a plot of land full of healthy nutrients...'What will you see grow?"

The times on Earth are changing. It is not a time of fear, although many will choose to be in this energy. And if they do ~ accept their choice of fear, but decide for yourself where you choose to be, what world you choose to walk.

Be the light of your own power and walk in the energy of LOVE. Trust dear ones, you will feel the energy of your own vibration shift and you will magnetize the energy of what you desire to create.

Accept the changes in the world, knowing this is part of the evolution process, then accept the changes within your own world. Gather the information you need and move forward in the energy of your own flow. Watch the magic appear as you accept the shifts in humanity and be a part of what you see.

Be powerful to stand your ground and hold your own strength to see the light of your own dreams, your own desires. No one has a hold on you but yourself. So ask yourself ~ "What is holding you back?" Do not put blame on another, look within your own being, your own thoughts and see who controls who.

We all have the power to manifest and create our own worlds, our own dreams, our own great escape. Shift the power of your own thoughts with the intention to make your life, your world a better place. Fulfill your dreams and live the life you were meant to live by the power of your own thoughts and the light that radiates from within you.

We are watching dear ones, and we see the energy that you choose to walk in. We see those who choose to live in the light of the power of their own thoughts. It is through these thoughts that your energy will or will not magnetize your dreams and desires. You all have the ability to be powerful within your thoughts and radiate the light within you...just as you have the power to think what you cannot! Do you see what we are saying dear ones? It is time to get yourself in the energy of all good things and release the silliness of what no longer does you no good.

Step on the gas and move forward into a vibration that will set you free, for you all deserve to walk in the energy of the New World.

you hold the choice,
walk in the power of your own light,
radiate that which you are,
a bright light,
feel the energy of your own vibration and
dance to the beat of your own drum.

Feel free in your own energy, walk your own path, be in your own inner wisdom and BREATH ~ for this is your key to life.

We walk with you and we laugh with you, be Who You Are for we are the energy of Lord Metatron and we guide you with Love. See that Love in all."