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Intuitive Fractal Energy Art
By Visionary Fractal Artist, Cheryl Lee Harnish. Captivating and stunning, the visionary fractal artwork of Cheryl Lee Harnish is capturing international acclaim. In the search for spiritual reconnection and peace, people from around the globe are being drawn to the phenomenal energy of the intuitive fractal art which Cheryl creates. See her oracle cards, "Path of the Soul" and try the cards with an online reading.

Orgone Generators by Reinhard Stanjek
Orgone Generators change negative EMF (ElectroMagnetic Energy) into pure, positive life energy. All living organisms find positive orgone beneficial to health and wellbeing. The devices are sold in stores as well as by appointment with Reinhard. Richmond - Vancouver, BC.

The Tao of Chow with Brent Beelby
The Tao of Chow offers a vast resource of nutrition and health information. Brent provides insightful information about diabetes and disease, healing and spirituality which came about through his own life experiences with multiple illnesses. Find guidance and information for living healthfully and bountifully.

Hypnotherapy - Surrey, Vancouver Kim's Hypnotherapy
Quit Smoking, Lose Weight Naturally, Relationship Healing, Energy and Chakra Work and Past Life Regressions. Kim is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who can help you make the changes you need through hypnosis.

Intuitive Readings by Jeannie Martin
Jeannie Martin is a 3rd generation medium and has been giving readings for over 20 years. Located in the Vancouver Surrey area, Jeannie is availabe for readings in person or over the phone.

Hypnotherapy - South Surrey, White Rock West Coast Hypnosis
Empowering people for change, the West Coast Hypnotherapy Clinic in South Surrey offers clinical hypnotherapy sessions with certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Jeannie Martin.

Soul Vibes Metaphysical Store
Soul Vibes Online Metaphysical Store - For whatever makes your soul VIBE!! Providing quality spiritual based products at the lowest price possible!