You Show The Way

Through Tracey Smith, December 11, 2006


You Show The Way When You Light Up Within Your Own Truth and Accept The Choices You Have Made

"Welcome Dear Ones, you are all so brave to be here through these great times of change. You will continue to feel these energy shifts and we ask for your continued patience and to trust in these times before you. You will survive through these chaotic times, know this as your truth and allow the energy of the process to flow through you.

Remember dear ones, you have chosen to be here so allow this energy of activation to be within your heart. You are opening to the new times that are ahead and I assure you that these are great times indeed. Centre yourself within the energy of your being and share this energy with others that are open. not force this energy on another, for this is not your place nor your responsibility. You will make great changes within the places you work, the places you frequent and the places you pass through.

Know that as this energy passes through you, it also passes through the areas you cross through. So allow this energy to connect with those who are open to receive and honour those who have not yet learned to understand. This is their place to be ~ where they are.

You all have the ability to move through to a higher vibration, and trust that you will. Understand that you move through these energy passage ways as your body, mind and soul are ready to connect with a higher and more intense energy.

Change the patterns of your thoughts and allow yourself to move through these energies as you are guided by those who know and understand your energy field. Too many of you are in such a hurry, we ask that you honour the presence of who you are and slow down in order to flow with the energy of your own rhythm. You are all moving at a pace that is in perfect divine synchronicity of your own well being.

Notice that when you are in a rush, a hurry, what is it that you do? You continue to compare yourselves to others. It is time to understand that each one of you has your own journey to follow, and you have already made this contract and agreed to be where you are. So slow down, and honour the place you are in and continue to follow your path with an open heart honouring the presence of who you are and the place you have chosen to walk.

See yourself for the light of God that you are and grow within the divine energy of the place you are meant to be. See the light that shines in you and bask within this energy. Know that you are perfect in who you are and exactly as you are to be. Share your honour and show the way of a true being of light by being within your own honour.

You show the way when you light up within your own truth and accept the choices you have made.

Many of you continue to be hard on yourselves and we ask that you see the light of God that radiates within each one of you. Would you choose to listen to your children condemn who they are? Then see how we feel when we see how you hold yourselves in condemnation over the choices you have lived through.

Remember, it is through these choices that you have grown to understand through your own experiences. And we ask ~ would you truly like to change those experiences, for it is through these experiences that you have learned to be who you are. You have made the greatest choices of all, and we ask that through these choices you see the light of where they have brought you this day.

We hear your laughter as you learn to see the experiences you have gained. You are bringing awareness to yourself and others as you learn to accept the choices and promises that you have made for yourself.

Letting go has been one of the hardest tasks for human beings to go through. We ask that you be open to letting go of the guilt and the hard times you have placed upon yourselves while living through the choices you have made.

(At this moment it is 11:11 pm ~ the angels share their love & hugs, interesting when you read the next paragraph...they know when to come through!) :-)

Now is the time to let go and be open to feel the presence of the love and light that always flows through you. Accept the love of our light and allow yourself to heal from the past choices you have made.

You will continue to make choices through your journey in life, feel good about your choices and know that each choice brings you to a new realization of who you are. Seek your path with arms wide open and embrace the purity of who you are. You allow your feelings to be what they are, so accept this as your choice, not the choice of another.

You will all find yourselves making different choices that suite who are you. Honour yourself for these choices that create new experiences in your lives and accept the choices others make knowing this is the path of their own choice. Celebrate the gift of who you are and be on your path knowing that you are in the perfect place of where you chose to be.


See the Light,
of Who You Are,
Honour the Light
of Who You Are,
Walk the Path
of Your Own Light,
and See The Journey
of Where Your Light Goes.


You all have a path and a destination to follow, be guided by your own heart and allow the light of your path to shine brightly, for you are the one who will remember your truth.

We shine with you dear ones and we ask that you shine as bright as you can and be within the heart of your own divine truth.

Honour thyself, in light and gratitude ~ the Archangel Metatron is with you. Be in the glory of who you are."