Testimonials About Tracey's Intuitive Readings

"Sometimes we come across hard and challenging times in our life. Maybe you feel lost and don't know where to turn. This all happened to me and Tracey changed my life around for the better. We've all been told that we have angels who watch over us. Allow the wisdom of the angels speaking through her to change your life too."

Dale, Massage/Spa Practitioner, Energy Healer ~ Vancouver, BC

"Tracey Smith is a true representative of the Angelic Realm. She channels inspired and accurate information in a manner that brings empowerment and inspiration to those who would go on to use these very powerful tools. A compassionate and pure heart, Tracey exemplifies the very essence of integrity, higher wisdom and guidance of the realms she works with. A reading with Tracey is truly an experience of being embraced by the divine. I highly recommend Tracey's readings and her workshops for the information, insights and guidance they provide."

Cheryl Brewster, Intuitive Development Specialist  www.TheIntuitiveLife.com

"Tracey mentors, teaches and loves all beings with her open heart. Angelic energy is the source for Tracey's readings and healing work. Her own abilities were magnified through the teachings of angel healing with Doreen Virtue. Tracey's readings and healing work are gentle, loving and profound. Sharing her creative self through her work as a special education assistant, writer, healer, reader and scribe for sacred channelled information, Tracey shares abundantly and fearlessly. Her most cherished role is being mother to two amazing daughters."

Lorrin ~ North Vancouver, BC

"Thank you again for my very special reading. I'm glad I listened when my guidance told me to ask you for one. Little words keep popping into my head as reminders of the messages as I knew they would. You corroborated the messages I had been receiving and there was so much validation it is clear tome that you are receiving the messages with clarity. Trust, Dear One, Trust."

Raisha, Reiki Master/Teacher ~ USA

"I went to see Tracey, not knowing really what she did or what to expect. Her card read 'Angel Therapy' and I really needed an angel when I emailed her to set up an appointment. I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage. My feelings were blocked and I was feeling numb and stuck. My reading with Tracey flowed and she spoke what I needed to hear. She didn't know my situation but somehow knew. I cried for 30 minutes straight. Upon leaving, I felt open, clearer and understood my path better. Everything felt safe and I was able to feel all my emotions...something I am not that great at. It was an incredible hour and I was so grateful to her."

Wendy ~ Surrey, BC

"I've had two readings with Tracey and you have given me really good insight. In my first reading I wanted to know if my Aunt is with me. I always feel her presence, you were able to see her house, her yard and her white fence! This was amazing for me and also gave me a sense of relief that she is with me and I'm not imagining things. Your readings are always accurate and if it doesn't make sense to me in the present time, it always falls into place in the future. I feel that your readings are really empowering because it gives me the confidence to move forward towards my goals. Your readings confirm what my angels tell me all the time. We live in such a chaotic age, so when I hear or see things, I have self doubt. Your readings really hit the point and confirm what I've seen or heard from my angels. I see relationships in a more positive note and look at life with gratitude. Your readings have helped me focus in areas of relationships, money, career and a healthy lifestyle. "

Lal ~ Vancouver, BC

"My angel reading was the most gentle and loving reading I have ever experienced, broke through all my defences and went straight to the heart. Would recommend any time."

Louise ~ Vancouver, BC

"Are you worried about a loved one? Have questions about your health or the health of someone you care about? Have a career of life decisions to make? If any of these or other questions are causing you to wonder or worry, an Angel reading could be very helpful. These and other questions were answered for me and I felt peaceful for days after my reading. I know the energy of the Angels is still with me because whenever I begin to worry or become fearful, the Angel's words pop into my mind and bring me peace. I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone who is seeking this loving energy in their lives."

Leanne ~ New Westminster, BC

"Tracey, thanks again for sharing your messages of light. My dear friend, you are a true gift for you are a tool for God and the angels to work thru. Keep shining."

Carol ~ USA